MARIA           DE LUIGI

Art Expressions is what Defines Me the most

From Early age, my body loves to express itself through the form of dance and the visual arts, crafts. Every mirror has a choreography that my heart express, a design that my hands draw. I began my studies in ballet at age 8, at the Ballet Arts School, led by Lidija Franklin. I had valuable opportunities and invaluable lessons from my teachers who took root in my heart; I travel to Switzerland to continue my studies in dance, where my beautiful director believed in me, placing me to face challenges at a young age. By returning to my home country, I graduated and become part of the second National Ballet of Caracas, under the direction of Vladimir Issaev. Shortly years later I became part of the Company, under the artistic direction of our wonderful and renamed Vicente Nebrada. (which must be creating and enjoying their talents in a world where we do not yet know ) In this company, I was able to develop my dancing, my art and my passion for dance. Traveling and sharing the joy of this beautiful art. During this years I also make time to nurture my heart by learning more of the world od Art and Design, making my days even long than usual, but Hey!! was worthy! I feel in love in another world that allows me to express myself thru creativity with many tools.

It's time to migrate (for security reasons and looking for new experiences ) Orlando Ballet opened its doors, a period in which I began to translate my feelings through painting again.  A year after, a face a new challenge, a gallery, a chance to share the best of both world into a piece of art. 



If  you like to work with me or have a commissioned artwork let me know


visual artist

graphic design

The world that combines precision and art

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