Tony Monserrat

May 20, 2014

A amazing pianist, that brought joy and passion to every class we took, back in the years I was student, is nothing better that enjoy a ballet class with a live pianist, that make you travel outside the studio and enjoy every step in dance! 


One day over 20 years ago Tony Monserrat  lost his job , when he learned that Contreras sisters (pioneer history of Venezuelan dance) were looking for a pianist. Monserrat came to the Ballet Arts School - building in PH Tajamar of Central Park- Venezuela, in a confusion about where should ask. Although Ballet- Art had not made such a request , they asked him to stay. "? Can you give me a week to start," said the pianist ; "No, begins this afternoon ." " Do you accept improvisation ? " Tony consulted , and the "yes " of Madame Franklin , then director of the School , was enough for the history of piano Tony Monserrat was started a plie in ballet and not separated it 's never .

He is the son of a Trinidadian father and a venezuelan mother , and his real name is Stuart Franklin Roosevelt Paredes. In the seventies , he was well known as salsa pianist who played on stage in Caracas and other cities around the world as " The Pink Panther " . Le Professional anecdotes abound with characters known as Aldemaro Romero and Julio Gutiérrez , and a special in which the conga player in the orchestra of Barry White, kissed his left hand in exclamation , seeing him play at the Hilton Hotel telling than ever I had seen a left hand like that .

After a time of numerous presentations , scenarios , wildness , and recognition in the music world at the time, Tony decides to separate the master of everything because they went hand in hand with teaching, his other passion . So back to the classical and in that way is to ballet .

Today, Tony Monserrat is admired and loved in the world of dance . His love is far plié piece that many dancers have started their daily ballet class , in various schools and institutions. Strict measures are mixed classic with its inevitable need for improvisation , full of guaracha and guaguancó ; his music transcends space in which dance transcends himself as the music plays .

In a ballet class , or a hundred , the sounds generated by the hands of Tony always surprise , and the steps that the dancers dance performed with the same energy that he transmits .

HIS MUSIC is definitely DANCE.

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