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April 7, 2014

 This past months you could read, watch and hear trough any social media, this big campaign about "bullying" "use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants"..... Some statics shows that from 2000 bullying has increased in speed... So if I use the first sentence (use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), ) you can see that all those campaigns out there has been given energy to this fact ... Why? Because the intimidated person has become more weak by putting himself/herself in place of the poor suffering human in planet, or by playing drama over the situation. > I remember there was a "bullying" in my school, dance studio, and maybe other places I don't remember now... By my figure, my future, my way to live my life, my passion for dance, I was compared with a surf board, Olivia Popeyes girlfriend, and many more adjectives, I never took them personally, most Of the time I laugh with them too!!! Somedays if I was down maybe those adjectives would hit me, BUT I was raised to be a strong self confident person, my passion for dance built discipline to focus on my dreams and goals.  All that "bullying" that exist these days have been around since we existed! The only big difference that I noticed is that the new generation is being over protected and attracted attention by been a "drama human beings" the weak soul.  A point of view of someone else can change your life forever? Is that person's point of view more important than you, that can lead you to kill yourself?  You don't know what is going on their life, they maybe are looking at you but seeing themselves, they may are angry, or feel powerless in some areas of their life, we don't know what they are thinking or living at that moment.

• What about we go back from the beginning where the self-esteem comes from your circle called "family" ( blood or not blood related in certain situations)

• From your heart that leads you in to your dreams

• From your strength to be better every day for yourself.

• What about we raised and support this new generation of strong self esteem humans, teaching them that BEING themselves is the way to BE DIFFERENT and that is OK.

• What is we Teach them the positive and the negative of any situation and help them know how to choose what is the right path.

• Not ignoring their moments even if we passed for those already, understand them but help them get out of it with strong and positive attitude by looking to the bright side even in the darkness tunnel.

• Teach them that every action is a boomerang so treat others the way you want them to treat you!

Yes!!! What about give more focus on strong self esteem campaigns ... Helping growth the strength and acceptance of the beauty of being difference humans. Because life is better when you accept yourself!

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